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GoParkr(GoParkr.com) is an early-stage, rapidly growing startup transforming a $20 Billion-dollar industry ripe for disruption: the parking industry. Our mobile marketplace is transforming how drivers, owners, and operators connect by creating a frictionless parking process streamlined to perfection. The GoParkr App and Web App are highly anticipated by our customers; evidenced by our 5X industry conversion rate for early adopters. Drivers will be instantly connected to all nearby parking at events, downtown, hotels, hospitals, universities, subway stations or airports around the city. While, we digitize the owners of driveways, garages, or commercial lot and increase their revenue with smart data.


In the wake of continuing urbanization and congestion, GoParkr recognizes that this as a problem for future growth. We would like to better improve our solution as traffic and parking become increasingly difficult to manage. With technologies such as autonomous vehicles becoming more prominent in our everyday lives, it is inevitable that the entire parking industry is on the brink of a disruption.


The GoParkr mobile application securely connects drivers to private and commercial parking spaces. GoParkr focuses on optimizing parking space and connecting the dots in the entire parking process. Parking should be a harmony involving in-car mobile platform for the drivers and big data analytics for the parking spaces, creating seemingly frictionless parking.


Our future is much more than just a parking application. Future to us is a world with better mobility for all


We Deliver.

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Find and reserve parking anytime anywhere - or rent out your parking spots. We make it seamless. #GoParkr


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About Us
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