5 Toronto Trends to Expect in 2018

Updated: Sep 8, 2018

2017 has come and gone so it’s time to look ahead. Here are a few trends we expect to see in Toronto during 2018.

Max W. Head of Sales at GoParkr

More electric cars on the road

From the Tesla Model 3 to the Nissan Leaf (~30k-40k), there are more affordable electric car offerings than ever. Be on the lookout for more electric cars and charging stations popping up around Toronto.

More reasonable housing prices

A hot topic for any Torontonian – housing prices. Even buyers with a down payment of 20 percent or more will face a stress test to prove that they can handle higher interest rates. Less people will be eligible to buy homes, and many are hopeful that this will decrease demand and cool the housing market off. (3)

More suits on Bay Street

As financial centres around the world continue to see closing offices, Toronto’s financial services sector is booming. The finance sector will continue to add to the 400,000 professionals working within Toronto already.

Fun fact: Canada’s top 10 public pension funds manage over 1 trillion dollars and are internationally renowned for their innovative approach to asset management. (4)

More Torontonians travelling abroad

Discount airliners are all the rage these days. Who wouldn’t want to hop on a plane for $150?! Targeting the estimated 10 million Canadians who would fly if prices were cheaper, 3 discount airliners are moving to the YYZ this year (Canada Jetlines, Flair Airlines, and FlyToo). (2)

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More skating during the winter

The Bentway Skate Trail opens January 6 of this year. Between the Toronto sign, Harbourfront, and Bentway, you’ll be able to keep your skating skills sharp. If you plan on visting Bentway, get ready for a 220m long trail under the Gardiner Expressway beside 250 Fort Work Boulevard.

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Author: Max W. Head of Sales at GoParkr