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How Safe Really Are Our Roads?

City of Toronto has been actively working on Vision Zero, a 5 year project aimed to make our roads safer for drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians

Mehul Adlakha, Business Development & Marketing at GoParkr

Having started in 2017, Toronto is participating in the Vision Zero safety plan: a five-year initiative looking to make roads safer. With more people taking to the roads now than ever before, our streets are already becoming more congested, as many of you will have noticed with the increased amount of traffic. However, the huge increase in the number of cyclists has also raised the number of traffic accidents in Toronto. In fact, according to The Star newspaper, we’re still looking at this being the deadliest year for pedestrians and cyclists.

Cyclists should be able to travel without the fear of an accident

With the death toll for cyclists in the city already nearly at 20, it looks as if the Vision Zero plans do not seem to be working. According to the official government website for Toronto, by changing the design of streets, enforcing traffic laws and educating road users, they hope to reduce the number of deaths on the roads drastically. There are over 50 different safety measures that are going to be implemented, including the introduction of special bike lanes to separate cyclists from mainstream traffic. New ideas such as Automated Pedestrian Detection, a new Corner Radius Design on sharp bends and the creation of School Safety zones also look to help reduce this problem. In fact, this sixty page plan splits the plan to specifically target pedestrians, school children, older adults, cyclists, motorcyclists and aggressive driving and distraction, making it very thorough. What do you think? Do you think that Vision Zero is a realistic proposal, or are our streets going to be just as dangerous five years down the line?

Are segregated cycle lanes the way forward?

Sources: The Star and Toronto

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Author: Mehul Adlakha, Business Development & Marketing at GoParkr