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How Waterloo Might Make Parking Worse And More Restricted

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

City could reduce the required parking spots in new offices to 4 employees per spot.

Frank Jing, Product & Sales at GoParkr

More and more parking spaces are going underground, which increases the costs for the real estate developers

Despite clear evidence that shows people are driving more and more, Waterloo city council is looking to invest more money and effort into the now 10 year old campaign to try and persuade people to drive less. With an all new comprehensive zoning plan published on city’s website. The city may approve the new zoning plan. The proposal allows new tech offices in downtown to reduce parking needs by 10 to 40 percent depending on the area.

The open floor plan office space inside a tech startup

On the contrary the same report showed that people are doing the complete opposite of what the city wants. From the driver responses since 2006, the data has shown that people in Waterloo are driving more often and farther distance. Nevertheless, this evidence does not mean that the city will not approve the new proposal. With the anticipated impact on transit with the ION rapid transit project, some might argue that new development needs to take into consideration the future of mobility.

"You can't look at today's behaviors and predict tomorrow's," Counselor Diane Freeman said.
The city council is preparing to review the new proposal on September 2018

Although for a transportation landscape of purely public transit and other means than driving could take decades or even generations to come. It is still debatable whether the current proposal is being done at the right time. Especially, the fact that with the slight 2% increase in the number off commuters driving to work all of whom will eventually need parking at the end of their commute.

Parking meter inside a parking lot, these could be disappearing if city was to approve the new proposal

With environmental issues such as climate change constantly looming in the background, real issues such traffic congestion due to increased driving distance as well as travel times needs dire attention from the city in order to be resolved.

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Author: Frank Jing, Product & Sales at GoParkr