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Should New Homes Have Electric Car Chargers Built-In?

The future of transportation is constantly changing.

Mehul Adlakha, Business Development & Marketing at GoParkr

As we have talked a lot about before on our blog, smart mobility and smart cities are the current trends in transportation. There are so many people who are now switching to electric cars; eco-friendly alternatives to the petrol and diesel vehicles we are used to nowadays that boast an affordable price tag, with similar specifications. Whilst it is clear that the number of drivers for electric cars is increasing, the overwhelming majority of vehicles currently on our roads are still the using the traditional internal combustion engines to power themselves.

Easy to charge, and very cost effective!

In order to charge these electric cars, they owner simply parks at a designated parking spot with an electric charging station such a FLO ( and connect the charging port to the electric car. The technology surrounding electric cars is also ever improving – features such as fast charge means that charging your electric car from empty to full is no longer a tedious and long process. A quick Google search shows hundreds of charging stations around Toronto according to the CAA website. Nevertheless, should new homes come with electric car chargers built-in, and should we consider installing one into the existing properties? A huge problem with these types of cars, is many people don’t realize how cost effective it could be. In fact, the payback period for installation and equipment for a charging system in your driveway back is a matter of a few months due to increasing gasoline prices. Not to mention, the various P2P sharing platform that allows individuals with charging station to rent out the stations to nearby electric cars and make additional passive income while the station is not actively used by the home owner. This can all be done through the magic of the sharing economy. With more people bound to be switching to electric cars in the future, having an electric charging station on the property could seal the deal should you ever wish to sell your house in the future!

Should developers consider implementing a charging station to all new houses?

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Author: Mehul Adlakha, Business Development & Marketing at GoParkr