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Top 5 Patios to Visit in Downtown Toronto in the Summer

It’s that time of the year again – the sun is out and everyone is in a cheerful mood!

Mehul Adlakha, Business Development & Marketing at GoParkr

Check out some of our top picks for patios to visit in downtown, Toronto this summer. Whether you are looking for a relaxed evening out with friends, or a classy dinner date for two, at least one of the options below will be perfect!

1) Mascot Brewery and Beer Garden, 31 Mercer Street

Be sure to make use of the spacious setting at Mascot's!

Mascot’s is one of our favourites to visit at this time of year, with plenty of seating, a great atmosphere and a wide variety of drinks!

2) Drake One Fifty, 150 York Street

The modern yet stylish feel is key to Drake One Fifty's success

At Drake One Fifty, you can immerse yourself in this picturesque setting and feel as if you are in Paris or Rome with this serene yet elegant restaurant and bar.

3) Barsa Taberna, 26 Market Street

The beautiful interior of Barsa Tarberna gives this restaurant a whole new dimension

It doesn’t get more Toronto-like than this. With friendly staff and a great mood to the place, Barsa is a great choice for evening drinks!

4) Macho Tex Mex Radio Bar, 92 Fort York Boulevard

This well-lit bar combined with a great atmosphere makes it a great choice for a meal or a quick drink!

Take a trip down memory lane with this incredibly brightly coloured and welcoming bar, featuring an arcade and pinball games – perfect for a catch up with old friends!

5) The Queen and Beaver Public House, 35 Elm Street

The queen is very much amused! Take a step into a British world in this gorgeous pub

Didn’t get enough of the Royal Wedding in the United Kingdom earlier this year? Check this pub out for a British themed pub serving great food and drinks!

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Author: Mehul Adlakha, Business Development & Marketing at GoParkr