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Transportation: What does the future hold?

The smart mobility sector is moving at a amazing pace

Mehul Adlakha, Business Development & Marketing at GoParkr

A trip down Toronto shows that it plays host to a huge variety of cars and vehicles: from sports cars to classic cars; electric cars to automatic bikes and scooters. But what exactly does the future hold for transportation?

According to Business Insider, electric scooters used for quick and easy transportation around urban areas could be the next big thing. With trials already happening in San Francisco, this has proved to be a cheap and popular solution to commuters needs. Electric pods and Segway machines are also viable solutions to the need for urban transportation that is planet-friendly and easy to hire. In Japan for instance, Segway has become a norm at most national attractions for visitors to use on tours. Currently start-ups and huge companies such as Lime for example trying to introduce these transportation options to mainstream use.

Electric Scooters like these in San Francisco could soon be the norm when it comes to urban transportation

Of course, whilst this has the benefit of convenience and being economically sustainable, there are down-sides to this new influx of electric transportation. In San Francisco, trials of electric scooters found that they ended up being parked inconveniently, causing more harm than good – according to local news reports, dozens were being seized and impounded by police for the inconvenience they were causing to the public.

So, what is the future going to be like then? At GoParkr, we believe a partnership with start-ups offering these modern transportation systems would be the best solution, by offering parking spaces rented on our site to users of these vehicles. With the need for easy, cheap transport growing each year, a partnership could well be the start of something huge. A partnership certainly does look likely, as it would be beneficial to both parties, cutting down on operational costs whilst providing a huge convenience to general public use. One thing that should be noted is how multiple scooters can be parked in a single spot because of their compactness, meaning that more scooters can be parked in prime locations without taking up a lot of room or the need to allocate new parking spaces for them. With the rise of this type of transportation, finding car parking spaces will inevitably be easier as more people switch from cars to these modern alternatives.

Partnerships between GoParkr and electric transportation companies could provide the solution to the current problem of electric vehicles for rent

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Author: Mehul Adlakha, Business Development & Marketing at GoParkr