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Your Dinner Bill Could Be On The City of Toronto

Updated: Sep 8, 2018

Find out why the City is footing a $80,000 bill on your next dinner.

Frank Jing, Business Development & Brand at GoParkr

From burgers to sushi, from pizza to poke, the City will be paying a $80,000 dinner bill in an effort to promote "#FoodIsKing". This promotion is a joint collaboration between over 40 restaurants, the city, and the food delivery app Ritual, where diners can receive $15 towards a meal of almost anything. Simply search "Food Is King" on the app to get started with the promotion.

The promotion is valid for all Ritual members that have not yet ordered from the establishments within the King Street Pilot Program. It will run from now until March 4th 2018

Despite previous protests against the King Street Pilot Project. The project causing inconvenient access to the diminishing parking spots. Statistics showing a decrease in foot traffic to businesses. Mayor John Tory told reporters that the pilot program is still

"a success for everyone."

With the goal of driving more foot traffic to King Street and enhancing the public transportation experience such as riding street cars. The City has created new initiatives such as the recent design competition to improve public spaces in the downtown core. Tory is hoping that everyone will be used to the new landscape soon.

Only time will tell whether the pilot project will achieve the impacts it initially set out to make. In the meantime, chow down on some delicious dishes around King Street.

Be sure to pre-book your parking spot, or rent out your unused parking spots as parking is becoming harder to find these days in Toronto.

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Author: Frank Jing, Business Development & Brand at GoParkr